The story
of Floriate


It was 2019 when Frank (flower grower, entrepreneur and somewhat chaotic floral artist) wondered if there was a way to present plants in a more beautiful, practical and plant- and environmentally friendly way.  
There had to be something more sustainable than single-use plastic, something more creative than the good old flower pot. 


Thinking turned to doing and Frank started drawing and calculating.  After sawing, drilling, fitting, measuring, perfecting and starting over, three prototypes of pots were created. Each of which had a functionality that allowed plants to be arranged just a little better.

But it wasn’t until industrial designer Robert rested his gaze on Franks’ creations, when the ideas Frank had sown took root. Robert miraculously transformed the three designs into one multifunctional end product. That’s how Globee the very first Floriate product  came into being.


Along the way, Frank gathered more people who believed in a greener world as much as he did, and various expertises stepped on board at Floriate.De club and collection grew, collaborations took shape, an education program emerged, and the world became a teeny tiny bit greener.


Floriate now consists of a team of driven dreamers and doers.  Globee is in full production and an educational program Green up Kids  is taking shape. Growers and retail are provided with Globees. Consumers will soon find inspiration and products in our webshop.  And you are also welcome to join our Great Green Up!