Floriate is committed to a greener future.
By investing in a green generation.

GreenBee Kids

As much as we enjoy making beautiful products, we find it important to teach children at a young age how nature works.

That is why we developed GreenBee Kids: an educational program that shows primary school pupils how beautiful nature is and how fun and important it is to take care of her. 

Green up
the classroom

Pupils who follow our program not only learn about the usefulness and care of plants. They also get their own plant to try out their brand new skills!  In this way we bring theory and practice together and schools become a lot greener, healthier and more fun.


Our Goal

With GreenBee Kids, we invite children to look at nature with a different eye. We want to show that if you take good care of greenery, you will reap the benefits. In this way Floriate – with the help of teachers and sponsors – contributes to a greener generation.

Green in Progress

We have recently rolled out pilots of GreenBee Kids at a number of schools. Our education package (including Globees, plants, workbook, three physical lessons) will is available from January 2023.

Of course, this Green Up is done on a non-profit basis.

Do you have questions about the educational programme?

Check the website of GreenBee Foundation, or feel free to contact us!