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your World

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Welcome to Floriate


Floriate makes products to simply and stylishly grow and arrange plants and flowers.

That's how we, literally, green up the world.


Floriate offers a circular alternative to disposable plastic and produces sustainably and locally, as much as possible.

To make the world figuratively greener.


Floriate products are modular building blocks that you can endlessly mix, match, combine and customize.

That's how we make greening up fun.

Discover the Globee

Floriate designs, produces and distributes Globee.
Globee is a patent pending system that consists of interchangeable elements that allow you to arrange and attach plants in numerous creative ways.



Floriate invests in education. Because the youth is the future, and – as far as we are concerned- that future might as well be a bit greener. 
With our education program we make children aware of the care for-, and benefits of green.